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Firewalking Seminars


No new events for Scheduled for 2014

Come learn why well over a million people from our western culture have taken part in this ancient firewalking ritual and why they would recommend firewalking to anybody. Firewalking is a chance to peak your curiosity about a life changing experience that people of all ages and from every culture from the beginning of time have participated in. If you are at all ready for a dramatic change with any part of your life or yourself, be sure to consider attending our next and only live Firewalk this year.

No new events for Scheduled for 2014 yet

The Event starts at 4:30 PM and ends approx 11:30 PM

Location in Rhode Island to be announced,

The Fee for this Event is $85, if you pre-register

Pre-pay by Mon 6/6 $85, by Fri 6/17 $95, $110 there after ($125 at the door)

DISCLAIMER: Firewalking is potentially very dangerous. Any information given within these firewalking pages is solely for informational purposes. Under no circumstances are you being encouraged to firewalk without the supervision of a trained firewalking professional. Should you do so, you are accepting full responsibility for your consequences and actions.

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